Best Cardiologist in Hyderabad

Dr. K. Sarat Chandra

MBBS, MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC, FESC, FCSI
Chief Interventional Cardiologist
Department of Cardiology – TX Group of Hospitals
Former President – Cardiological Society of India (CSI)
Dr. Sarat Chandra is the best cardiologist in Hyderabad. He is an elite cardiologist owing to his immense experience, expertise and astuteness in dealing with difficult to treat and complex cardiological problems.

About Dr. K. Sarat Chandra

Dr. K. Sarat Chandra has more than 37 years of extensive experience and expertise in interventional cardiology. Currently he is working as a Chief Consultant Interventional Cardiologist in the Department of Cardiology at TX Hospitals.
He is the most composed, intellectual, intelligent, jovial, humble, compassionate, empathetic and caring neurologist.
He is a name to reckon when considering the most advanced and robust interventional cardiology procedures. He has been performing the most intriguing, complex, challenging and complicated interventional procedures more than three decades. He is an expert in TAVR, mitral valve, Bifurcation Angioplasty and DK Crush Stenting and other novel valve replacement procedures in Hyderabad.
Dr Chandra was Editor of Indian Heart Journal – the prestigious Cardiology Journal of India from 2012 to 2014. He was also the President of the Cardiological Society of India at the national level in 2018.

Best interventional cardiologist in Hyderabad

Dr. Sarat Chandra is an accomplished interventional cardiologist with extensive experience in the field of interventional cardiology. Over the years, he has successfully performed numerous interventional procedures, focusing primarily on treating complex cardiovascular diseases. Specifically, his expertise lies in coronary angioplasty and stenting.
With a distinguished career, Dr. Chandra is recognized as one of the leading interventional cardiologists in Hyderabad. Before joining Apollo Spectra Hospital, he served as a Consultant Cardiologist at both Apollo Hospitals and Indo US Superspeciality Hospital in Hyderabad. Additionally, he held the position of Assistant Professor of Cardiology at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, further contributing to his wealth of knowledge.
Having dedicated three decades to his craft, Dr. Chandra has honed his skills in performing coronary angioplasties. He possesses a particular interest in a specialized technique called rotablator, which effectively addresses cases of coronary artery disease with significant calcification. Moreover, he is well-versed in mitral valvuloplasty and other cutting-edge procedures, including the increasingly popular TAVR (Transcatheter aortic valve replacement), also known as TAVI (Transcatheter aortic valve implantation).
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