6 hidden signs of Heart disease

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September 20, 2020

Hidden Heart Disease Symptoms
6 Hidden Signs of Heart Problems that could Surprise You
Memory loss

Sign: Memory Loss

Reason: Restricted blood flow to the brain due to heart problems

Reduced Tolerance to exercise

Sign: Simple physical activity like climbing stairs looks difficult

Reason: A weak heart pumps blood inefficiently to the muscles

Swollen Feet

Sign: Feet become tighter, swollen accompanied with sudden weight gain

Reason: Fluid builds up in the legs, ankles and foot due to a weak & inefficiently pumping heart.

Random Dizziness

Sign: Light-headedness or faintness

Reason: Decreased blood flow to the brain

Unprompted Sweating

Sign: Unexpected sweating at anytime

Reason: Heart problems may cause over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) resulting in sweating

Some people may wake up in cold sweat

Feeling nauseated and Vomiting

Flu like symptoms accompanied with nausea and vomiting sensation can also be some of the hidden signs of a heart attack.

No Chest Pain

Sign: Shoulder pain, pain in arms, elbows, jaw or neck

Reason: Strong pain messages running along nerves overwhelm nearby nerves causing pain to be felt elsewhere (referred pain).

What About Silent Heart Attacks?

You are hearing it right; heart attacks are now becoming more and more silent

It’s common and quite natural to see someone – whether in moves, acts or in reality, holding or rather clutching their chest, bursting in sweat and groaning with severe pain and then collapsing on the ground, and to confirm that they have a heart attack. This is what all of us see in day-to-day life; and, in fact, most of us are taught to recognise heart attack in this way – but, heart attacks do not always occur with the usual signs and symptoms.

Chest pain is not always a rule of thumb to recognize heart attack because sometimes a heart attack can be different from the one which is accompanied with severe chest pain – rather it may not be painful at all.

It will not come with tell-tale signs of a typical heart attack – not even that symbolic chest pain – which everyone of us are taught to recognize quite diligently. This type of heart attack is called a silent heart attack.

Read more about Silent Heart Attack to know why it is life-threatening.

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