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Medical Disclaimer

Livefit4ever website doesn’t provide any information, content and material as a substitute for professional or doctor’s medical advice, therapeutic advice or diagnosis or treatment. All information, materials, contents – graphics, images, videos, text of this website is for informational purpose only. The information should not be construed as substitute for all forms of medical services – medical advice, consultation, diagnosis and or treatment by a qualified physician. The contents in all its form and complete information provided on the website should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Health information or medical information provided in this website should not be used for diagnosing or treating any health condition or as a personal medical advice. You must consult a qualified physician or healthcare provider or a licensed physician for seeking personal medical advice or regarding any health issue.

Livefit4ever is an information resource only. It doesn’t establish any patient and physician relationship. Lore digital, the parent company of Livefit4ever is a digital publisher and it doesn’t offer personal health or medical advice.

Livefit4ever recommend you to seek immediate medical care if you face any medical emergency. Call emergency care centre immediately and visit emergency centre for medical emergency or urgent care. Don’t delay in seeking emergency medical care in case of emergency.

This is important for all – Livefit4ever recommend you to consult a general physician, specialist doctor, fitness trainer, medical advisor, wellness coach, personal trainer before starting any fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, wellness or medical program.

Home Remedies and First Aid Column at Livefit4ever provides guidance and information. It is neither a substitute for medical advice nor a practical training on first aid. Lifefit4ever is not responsible for any actions taken and diagnosis made solely based on this information. The best way to prepare for action in emergency situations is to undergo training or do a course on first aid training under experts – emergency physicians.

We will soon inform you about the first Aid courses, training and certifications…